Each year, students have the opportunity to join together in different clubs and organizations and create new relationships formed through common interests. Below is a list of clubs and organizations offered at APU. Interested in starting a club or organization? Click the link below to learn more!

Looking to fund an Educational Event?

The Azusa Pacific University Student Government Association Discretionary Fund was created with the hope and purpose that recognized organizations and clubs on-campus would use SGA’s financial resources to fund educational events and activities.

An Educational event can be defined as a forum or event that focuses on a specific issue, culture, or skill. Our vision for the Discretionary Fund is to support events that promote and encourage deeper conversations about such topics.

Examples of events that SGA has funded in the past are PIO's Luau, which allowed students to experience and learn about Pacific Islander culture, and Free The Captives’ A Captive Voice where they had a guest speaker share about her personal experience with modern day slavery. These events were explicitly created to educate students. The Discretionary Fund was created to fund events such as these.

The event must be advertised to all students and the money given by SGA may not be allocated for purposes outside of educating students on-campus. This fund is not for marketing a club or organization, but rather for an event that focuses on a specific issue, culture, or skill. 

*An application must be submitted at least TWO WEEKS prior to the event. An interview and approval process will then take place with SGA’s Finance Committee. 

Have further questions? Contact SGA’s Controller at sgacontroller@apu.edu.

Current Clubs & Orgs


Ethnic Organizations

Armenian Student Association (ASA)

Asian Pacific American Student Organization (APASO)

Black Student Association (BSA)

Korean Fellowship

Latin American Student Association (LASA)

Pacific Islanders Organization (PIO)

Third Culture Network


Social Clubs


APU Judo Club

APU Power Club

APU Sustainability Club

Athletic Training Students Organization


Fellowship of Christian Athletes


League of Legends

One Step at a Time Running Club

One Voice Poetry Club

Surf Club

Umoja (Dance Club

Underground Swing

Variety For One Hip Hop Dance

Veterans of APU

The Zu


Service Clubs

      APU Rotaract

      Club Social Work

      Free the Captives


Academic Clubs

      APU Robotics

      Azusa Film Society

      Delta Sigma Delta (Pre-dental)

      Phi Sigma Pi

      Pre-Law Society

      Psychology Club

      Sociology Club

      Student Nurses of Azusa Pacific (SNAP)


Honor Societies

Lambda Pi Eta (Communication)

National Society of Leadership and Success/Sigma Alpha Pi

Phi Delta Epsilon (Pre-med)

Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)

Scholars for Business Achievement

Sigma Tau Delta (English)


Athletic Clubs

      APU Rugby

      Men's Club Volleyball Team

      Women's Club Volleyball Team