Featured Officers

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Marketing Commissioner

Hi, friends. I am Duncan Shaffer; I'm a Sophomore, and a Graphic Design and Honors double major. I am the SGA Marketing Commissioner: my team and I communicate University news to the student body through mediums such as social media, posters, newsletters, the SGA website, videos, and more. I enjoy coming up with consistent marketing strategies that enable all students to grow in awareness regarding the actions and abilities of SGA. I'd love to meet you, so please come talk to me about about anything on your mind. I'll be in the SGA office on Cougar Walk, or you can email me at sgamarketing@apu.edu.

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Nick Ramos

University Senator

What's good! I'm Nick Ramos, a Sophomore International Business major and Pre-law minor. I have the privilege of serving as one of your University Senators, representing you on behalf of the offices of Admissions, University Libraries, Graduate & Parent Relations, and Auxiliary Services. Interacting with such dope and genuine people has given me such a better and deeper understanding of our university and how I can truly make the student experience of the ASB that much more of the God-first community we have all made strides to make. All I want to do as one of your representatives is be there for you and put your dreams into action. You can always drop into the office or shoot me an email at sgauniversity3@apu.edu.

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Annaliese Yip

University Representative

Hi! My name is Annaliese Yip, and I’m a freshman Communication Studies major. As a University Representative in SGA, I work alongside a University Senator to complete resolutions and help to make APU even better than it already is! My favorite part about being in SGA is being a part of an amazing group of students who are passionate about APU-- I love being in community with people who share a common vision as I do! I’m also here to be your voice for any changes you want to see here on campus, so don’t be afraid to come up and talk to me about anything! You can contact me at sgarep1@apu.edu.