What is SGA?

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official governing body of nearly 6,000 undergraduate students at Azusa Pacific University. We exist to represent the interests of students to the administration on various campus issues.

SGA is comprised of 25 students, each of whom has either been elected by the APU student body, or appointed by those that have been elected. We aim to continually improve the APU student experience by providing a listening ear to the needs of the every student. By meeting with offices on campus to present these needs, we move to action in order to make a positive change on campus.

SGA has been in existence at APU since 1945. In the school's 120 years of developing bright and ambitious scholars, the administration has always taken the input that SGA has to offer very seriously. The results of such a relationship between SGA and the administration has been extremely fruitful for both parties.

APU continues to be a place that fosters the development of young scholars with a Christian perspective. They provide a listening ear to students who are largely represented by SGA. Our purpose on this campus is a unique one, because it operates on the foundation that students need to be heard. As students are the life-blood of SGA, we work every day to advocate and create change on behalf of the student body.